10 Things I’m Thankful NOT to Have This Year

Simplicity is a blessing! So this year, in honor of Thanksgiving, I am going to list some of the things that I am thankful NOT to have.

1. A television. I am not bombarded with images of lavish lifestyles, advertising, and politics.

2. A large wardrobe. I don’t need to worry about storing all of my clothing, and I never agonize over what to wear.

3. A cluttered house. Housework is no longer the main activity that our family does together.

4. A new car. I don’t have to make large monthly payments in order to keep up with the Joneses.

5. A modern, high-tech kitchen. Clean-up takes minutes, nothing piles up, and nothing breaks.

6. My own cell phone. There are plenty of times when nobody can contact me, and that suits me just fine.

7. A stressed-out child. Because we keep her schedule simple and have the time to give her lots of attention, she is content and (for the most part!) well-behaved.

8. A Facebook account. I now have more free time and stronger friendships, because I gave up this shallow replacement for actual interaction.

9. A long Christmas list. Because we focus on having fun, over having a mountain of presents, I can enjoy the season without the stress.

10. A full schedule. We’re not busy. And we like it that way.

What are you thankful not to have?

6 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Thankful NOT to Have This Year

  1. HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg BeThAnY & FaMiLy!!! I’d say I was happy not to have Black Friday since I’m in Canada, but looks like we’ve now adopted this American tradition even though our Thanksgiving is in October!

    • We’re a bad influence on you guys! :-p At least you don’t do Black Friday after your Thanksgiving, and have a “shopping season” that lasts 2 months!

    • Maybe people should come and take away a possession, for our Christmas gift. I could make a wish list of things I would like to not have anymore…

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