A Morning Encounter

Yesterday morning, Rob and I enjoyed a walk in the woods together.  It was a nice break–a chance to enjoy life before digging back into the decluttering.  As we were exploring the trails behind our subdivision, we heard a strange sound.

It sounded kind of like a goat, and we wondered if it were a deer, or possibly some kind of bird.  As we walked toward the noise, we saw the source of it, a tiny fawn.

Much to our surprise, the fawn bounded toward us, like a lost puppy.  It sniffed Rob’s pantleg and began to lick it.  Then it nibbled on some leaves and we continued on our way.  All of a sudden, it bleated again and ran after us, to catch up.

Concerned that it had lost its mother, Rob stayed with the fawn and I went home to find out who we should call, regarding this.  The DNR’s website said that fawns are often left alone for up to 8 hours a day, and that we should just leave him alone.

And it had a reminder that adopting the fawn and keeping him like a dog, is illegal.  A pet deer?  Seriously, folks!

So I returned with my camera, and we got some pictures of the little guy, before continuing on our way.




11 thoughts on “A Morning Encounter

  1. My parents said that recently someone in the Midland area had a pet deer they had adopted as a fawn. Apparently it was in the news a lot because they got caught and were trying to figure out what to do about it. So really, someone did it! Every stupid warning comes because someone tried it.

  2. Great story, so freakin’ off the carts cute, and good for you two for finding the right info before taking any action. That seems rare these days despite our ability to have reasonably good info within reach more often than not;) Have a speckled hen kinda day!

  3. Aww! I’m glad someone had a fawn experience this year, we missed ours. There are many deer in our neighborhood, and each year we get the opportunity to babysit a baby for the day. After the first couple of weeks, we don’t see them anymore. Mom must have a different place for them once they’re bigger. Yours was very brave. Here, it’s only the adults that don’t care about people.

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