‘Tis the Season for Stress (But This Year Can be Different!)


Why is it that holidays and stress seem to be synonymous?  In the Western world, the months of October-January are almost always the most stressful, as we try to meet unrealistic expectations and create a storybook holiday, that can’t really exist in real life.

But what if this year could be different?  What if we all were able to pare down on our obligations, simplify our expectations, and create a holiday experience that really worked for us and for our families?

Creating such an experience is possible, and a number of bloggers have come together to create a “calendar” with daily tips to help you simplify the season.  We are offering you our Simplify the Season calendar.  With your subscription, you will receive one post (via e-mail) per day, to help you reduce stress, simplify your life, and simply enjoy the season more this year.

The calendar costs only $2, but you are invited to donate more if you wish, because 100% of the proceeds are donated toward financing a Kiva loan to an entrepreneur in a third-world country.  Kiva will provide updates on our beneficiary, and I will post those throughout the year.

This year’s calendar features an exciting line-up.  You will receive posts written by the following bloggers:

Adyashanti, spiritual teacher, author, and blogger

Seth Godin, author of “Linchpin,” blogger

Tara Brach, author of “Radical Acceptance,” teacher, psychologist, and blogger

Josh Becker, blogger at Becoming Minimalist, author, and speaker

Francine Jay, blogger at Miss Minimalist and author

Leo Babauta, blogger at Zen Habits, author, and speaker

Angel, from Diary of an Alien

Mark, from Enjoy Life Slowly

Jennifer, blogger at Moms Running It!

Ewa Schwarz, online life coach and blogger at Online Counseling

Lani Cox, blogger at Life, the Universe, and Lani

Lois Field, from The Eco-Grandma

Christy King, from The Simple White Rabbit

Eliza Floyd, from The Fearse Family

Julie Saint-Mleux, blogger at Happiness Savored Hot

Jehan, publisher of Leading to Love magazine

Carol Preibis, psychologist and blogger at Ahh! The Simple Life

Kathryn Sandfod, blogger at Kathryn Sandford’s Blog

Dara Simkin, from Melbourne Natural Wellness

Monica Lobenstein, blogger at Acorn Oak Forest

Renee Suzanne, the Love Coach

The calendar will also feature photos and pictures from the following sites:

Joy Sussman, photographer, blogger and teacher at Joyfully Green

Cathryn Worrell, artist, photographer, and blogger at Concrete Moomin

Frank Millitello, photographer at Shutterfly

Lori Rochino, blogger and photographer at Lori Rochino.com

We are asking for a $2 donation for the calendar, but you are welcome to donate as much as you would like.  After all the calendars have been sold, we will update you on the Kiva loan beneficiary and their progress.  Make this a season to experience less stress, focus on creating a simple, calm lifestyle, and to make a difference in the world around you!

Purchase the “Simplify the Season” Calendar Now!

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