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I am a mother, a teacher, a minimalist, an adventurer, and somewhat of a sailing maniac.  I pushed my husband to cruise for 91 days on a boat that hadn’t seen such adventure in decades, most likely.  And to this day I haven’t regretted it.

Right now, I live in an apartment.  It’s better than our 4-bedroom house (that we signed over to the bank), but it’s starting to get kind of big…and normal….



Aces! Let’s do this, an’ keep it kippy! The deal here, is my filly Bethany has a blog that I have to help with, dig?  Maybe you know me from the “old tech Friday” segments of Bethany’s blog. For the most part I’m a stay-at-home dad  who is charged with the responsibility of maintaining and repairing our ’92 Volvo… or whatever piece of vintage machinery  that Bethany takes a shining to.



This is the Jelly Bean.  She is six years old and in kindergarten.  She has been diagnosed with autism, but doesn’t let that prevent her from leading an absolutely charmed life.  She danced the first dance at her uncle’s wedding, and she got the entire town of Manistee, Michigan dancing during a block party/fundraiser.

Beanie is an expert in Pokemon (she has expressed a desire to be Pikachu when she grows up), farm and zoo animals, and humor (she especially likes to talk like Grandma and Grandpa’s dog).

Beanie writes a lot, and she has written many compositions on WordPress.  However, it may be awhile before she publishes her first blog post.


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Another family with a girl with autism! My daughter is seven, and she’s fabulous! She’s an artist (like, really, her artwork is better than anything i can do already – not that that’s saying much!) and has started to write stories now. These kids are a real jumble of surprises!

    I look forward to following your journey 🙂

  2. Just came to your blog through Miss Minimalist. Funny that the only other friend I have in Michigan is also from Minister. My daughter and I are involved with many kids with autism as she works for a non- profit that provides housing for the DD community (the county went broke and quit providing any services).
    Great blog.

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