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Welcome aboard! This blog has multiple story archs, that have occurred over the past four years.  Here are some links to get you started:

Slice of Life/About Our Family (in the early days of the blog)

This is the Bean
This is the mini-me, destined to lead a ridiculously charmed life.

Breaking from Tradition
I bring home the bacon, and Rob does the sewing…How we differ from the norm.

The Journey of 1000 Miles
Beanie read her first word!

Jumping on the Bandwagon (sort of): We Don’t Need Permission!
A response to the Romney/Rosen debate–why we don’t need any popular culture or political figures to endorse our lifestyle.

Life Lessons
One particularly difficult Mother’s day.

Just the Three of Us!
Why we’ll remain a family of three.

Natural/Green Living (again, from the early days)

Off-the-Grid Tuesday: The Perfect Cup of Coffee
I’ve got it perfected.

Vaccines: Yes, I’m Going There!
It’s a hot button issue, and we all need to be educated.

Kicking the Sugar Habit
Why I gave it up!

Myths About Organic Food
Research cited, debunking a lot of the myths people hold.

A Great Off-the-Grid House!
Our friends’ tiny house, on Beaver Island.

Special Needs/Autism

Discipline and Kids With Language Delays
It’s a bit different, when your kid doesn’t talk much.

This Isn’t Holland
Our journey with the Bean, is not about the destination.

Reality Jolt and Labels
My journey, after I asked to have Beanie tested for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Sailing (on the Great Lakes)

Stuck in Alpena, Running Aground in Misery Bay, Lamenting, and Our Victorious Return. (And Facing it Again, the next summer).
Our adventures on Thunder Bay.

When the Gales of November Come Early
A rough storm comes through, and causes havok in the marina.

My First Love
Before Moonraker, there was the Sonnet.

Since We’re on Top 10’s…
The top 10 things I love about cruising!

Under the Bridge
Sailing under the Mackinaw Bridge, from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan, is a right of passage on the Lakes.

You Might be a Sailor If…
Some sailing humor!

Lessons Enroute to Manitou
When we almost got to meet the Gichee Manitou, on the way to South Manitou Island.

Back to Reality
The difficulty of returning to life on land.

Parenting (from the early days)

A Word on Extracurriculars
Why you shouldn’t overbook your child.

Mommy Wars, Mommy Guilt, and Other Fake Ideas Invented by Society
Don’t let them make you feel guilty and competitive!

“You Can Do it All” and Other Lies We Believe
You can’t do it all, and you don’t have to.

Six Years Ago Today

My daughter’s birth story.

Minimalism–Possessions and Decluttering (from the days back when I called myself a minimalist)

Mismatched Plates
Some thrift store fun!

Natural Selection and Thrift Store Clothing
The evolution of my minimalist wardrobe.

The Biggest Worry (and why it should be an non-issue)
Don’t worry about what other people think!

Is Simplicity Simpler? A Test
In a fully stocked house, would we still choose simplicity?

Fly Lady Friday: An Interview with “Fly Lady” Marla Cilley
Yes, I interviewed the Fly Lady!

Minimalism: A Beginners’ Guide
How various minimalist bloggers got their start.

You Might be a Minimalist If…
A bit of humor!

Walled in by Possessions
Our possessions keep us from interacting with each other.


Everybody’s a Hypocrite
I’m a hypocrite, and so are you.

The Election is Over–Now Cast Your Vote that Really Counts!
It’s how we live, not just how we vote, that makes the difference.

The Valley of Love and Delight
Finding our way to the “place just right.”

Why I am Unfriending Facebook
A big decision I made, that I still don’t regret.

On Gifts, Giving and Unevenness
Reciprocity is a myth.

Consider, for a Moment…
Consider, that your reality is incorrect.

Moving Beyond Possessions
Minimalism is about more than just getting rid of stuff.

Rethinking the Human “Race”
We are not in competition with each other–at least we don’t have to be!

New Host, New Name, New Perspective
From Our So-Called Life, to Journey to Ithaca.

Clearing Out Emotional Clutter
Getting rid of that clutter in your head.

Life Lessons (pre-winter of 2013)

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving!
Life begins when the 20’s end!

Control, Worries, and Quieting the Disquiet
A walk on the beach, to clear my mind.

Hafemania: Daring to Soar
My friend’s husband gets some help completing his bucket list.

It Matters
Everything we do–great or small–matters more than we realize.

Bethany’s Story: The Journey to Freedom, 2013

Rethinking the Human “Race”

When I began to question the permanency of my situation.

Clearing Out the Emotional Clutter
The changes I worked on last winter.

Weekly Inspiration: Compassion and Forgiveness
A cryptic post about my life situation at the time.

Lessons in the Dark

Seeing the gold in the difficult times.

The best is still unwritten.

Let Go of Survival Mode!

There is never reason to harm others to get ahead.

You Do Have a Choice!
You’re NEVER stuck.

Arbitrary Rules

If there are conditions that need to be met, before you can pursue your dream, they aren’t real.

Sharing my plans, for the Big Move.

Before We Move Forward

Thanking those who helped me on my journey.

Sharing This Moment

My last day at my old job.

Last Week’s Trip (and a GREAT minimalist house)
My first trip to Houston.

A Very Long Day
Heading South with the family, for a visit.

Day Two: Out of the Midwest and Into the South

Our Journey Continues

Don’t Believe Everything You Think!
Even thoughts should be questioned!

So Much Clutter!

The physical and mental clutter that awaited me at home.

A Confession, Regarding Decluttering
I secretly hate it…

The Beauty of Imperfection
Perfection is Boring

Lessons from Purging: Guilt and Forgiveness

Beginning to come to terms with the dark winter.

It Still Matters
Why I continue to teach.

Tales from the (Decluttering) Trenches
The challenge continues.

12 Years Ago Today
Reflecting on the mystery that is marriage.

Why I am Purging my House
My reasons for signing over the deed.

What Lies Beyond?

What is there, beyond the constant worry?

Letting Go and Staying Focused

Letting go of worry, as another challenge faced us.

More Detours

Still more challenges in our move.

The beauty of an empty house, and an empty mind.

Home Sweet (temporary) Home

Our welcome week of homelessness.

The Week in Mornings
The week leading up to our move.

Adventures in the Big City

Fun after our arrival.

Ready for a Tour?

Our new apartment.

The Key Story
Another adventure in the city.

Thoughts from the Land of (Extreme) Minimalism
We’ve “arrived.” So what?

First Day of School
Beanie and I check out school in Houston.

Stop the Bullying!
Please quit bullying yourself!

Reality Sets In
1300 miles away from home…

Life is a miracle.

Where do You Fit it In?
Where to go next, with blogging?

35 Lessons in 35 Years

Lessons I’ve learned on the way.

Believe in Happily Ever After

Enjoy the arrival!

What is Selfishness?

It’s not that you think.

Pictures from my Commute (and a Bean)
A beautiful pink sunrise.

Let Your Little Light Shine

Don’t be a shrinking violet.

Emerging from the Fog of Unworthiness

Free yourself from your perceptions.

My One-Word Theme for 2014
My guiding light for the new year.

Falling in Love All Over Again
Houston, is finally home.

The last post, of my story.

The story that is being told, now, is our story. It’s the story of our adventures together. I hope you enjoy reading it!

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