A Morning Encounter

Yesterday morning, Rob and I enjoyed a walk in the woods together.  It was a nice break–a chance to enjoy life before digging back into the decluttering.  As we were exploring the trails behind our subdivision, we heard a strange sound.

It sounded kind of like a goat, and we wondered if it were a deer, or possibly some kind of bird.  As we walked toward the noise, we saw the source of it, a tiny fawn.

Much to our surprise, the fawn bounded toward us, like a lost puppy.  It sniffed Rob’s pantleg and began to lick it.  Then it nibbled on some leaves and we continued on our way.  All of a sudden, it bleated again and ran after us, to catch up.

Concerned that it had lost its mother, Rob stayed with the fawn and I went home to find out who we should call, regarding this.  The DNR’s website said that fawns are often left alone for up to 8 hours a day, and that we should just leave him alone.

And it had a reminder that adopting the fawn and keeping him like a dog, is illegal.  A pet deer?  Seriously, folks!

So I returned with my camera, and we got some pictures of the little guy, before continuing on our way.