We are writing this blog to tell our story.

That is really our only purpose.  We’re writing it, because we enjoy it.  When we no longer enjoy it, we will be done.

However, I would like to share with you my original purpose in writing this.  This is my purpose, which was first published on “Our So-Called Life,” back in 2011.


First and foremost, I am not writing this blog to make money.

In fact, I am paying a nominal fee to not have advertisements and to have extra storage space. In order to make money through blogging (which is next to impossible to do, anyway), I would have to engage in practices that are counter to my non-consumerist message. These include (but are not limited to): giveaways (I will not bribe you to write comments. If I want comments, I had better write an interesting, thought-provoking post!), sponsored posts, advertising, and the pushing of products I have produced. I would love to earn a living through writing, but, in the rare event that it happens, it will not be through blogging. Standing by my principles is more important to me than earning a buck or two.

In addition, I am not writing this with the purpose of attracting a great deal of traffic.

Simple living is all about quality over quantity. I would much rather have 50 devoted, interesting readers who join in the discussion, than 1000 people who check in every once in awhile but are not a part of things. I am writing this for my loyal readers–whether they are a part of the minimalist or natural parenting community, people who wish to simplify their lives, or just friends who are interested in my message. Because I empasize quality over quantity, I do not participate in social networking, but I would love to correspond with any of you, through e-mail. No message that appears in my inbox will remain unanswered.

I am writing this because I am part of a community.

And if you are reading this, you are too. Community is lacking in modern society. We have tried to replace it, using technology, but what we often end up with is a shallow, diluted substitute. There is something better, that exists through technology (although we all should take care not to let it replace our real-life relationships!). The minimalist community (not just the big bloggers, or the 100 possession folks) are an excellent group, and I am happy to introduce you to them. Please click on any link on my blogroll, to experience it.

I am writing this to make you laugh.

Being human means having a sense of humor about life. My sense of humor is often tongue-in-cheek, but I would love to laugh at the absurdities of life with you.

I am writing this because I have a story to tell.

Like an old ship’s captain, I have many tales to tell about the sea. I have piloted a sinking craft back to port, on a six-hour run through blinding fog–with my 5-year-old daughter in tow. I took the helm for 13 hours to bring my newly-repaired boat back home, only giving up my post when I could no longer see the compass, because my eyes were swollen from the strain. I held fast to the tiller as we beat into 30 knot winds and 8 foot waves en route to South Manitou, through an electrical failure, while my husband connected the solar panel to the battery, so that we could run the engine. Everybody has some good stories, and I won’t be shy about sharing mine.

I am writing this to inspire you to challenge the status quo.

I tell my students that there is no such thing as the real world. So, if the script we’re all supposed to follow doesn’t work for you, try something else! Most of all, I challenge you to rethink the materialism and mixed up priorities that have become such a strong part of our culture.

Dare to question it, and dare to reject it!

7 thoughts on “Purpose

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  2. I’ve had your blog page open for a day or two, reading bits and pieces. I’m enjoying reading it so far and will continue. I want to thank you for following my blog and hope you find some humor and inspiration there as well. Life is certainly tongue in cheek.

  3. Yes, the community aspect is the most important part…it’s what makes blogging worthwhile, at least to me. Community does seem to be more and more sadly missing in today’s culture, and I don’t know how people get along without it.

    • I think (know) that the outcome of last winter would have been very different (not in a good way), if I hadn’t had the support of the very community I’ve worked to facilitate.

      Sometimes being online can be a distraction, but when we choose to use this tool for stronger purposes, it can be a changing, positive force in our lives.

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